Business Associations

Rock Island has several business associations that provide an opportunity to network with neighboring businesses. In addition, these organizations market the community or neighborhood they represent and provide promotional and cooperative advertising opportunities. Take a look below to find out what associations would be the best fit.

Development Association of Rock Island (DARI)
DARI is a membership organization that enables businesses to participate in the process of re-energizing Rock Island.
Membership in DARI has increased from 14 (1989) to more than 60 (now). DARI membership has grown mostly because once companies become members they tend to stay members.

Three characteristics separate DARI from other organizations:

  • Entrepreneurial – DARI leverages your investment to better the community while building a web of partnerships to solve complicated problems.
  • Collaborative – In Rock Island the public and private sectors work closely together and Renaissance Rock Island is a large part of that healthy relationship.
  • Efficient – We value your money and your time. We rotate our crisp meetings to places of interest so that you can learn about the community while you get updated about projects and make decisions regarding the organization.

For more information on DARI call 309.788.6311.

The Downtown Rock Island Partnership
Downtown has changed dramatically in the past fifteen years, and much of that is because of the marketing efforts of Downtown Rock Island Partnership, formally know as The District. Downtown Partnership is a membership organization of 50 downtown businesses that join together to present unique festivals, arts events, and promote downtown. The majority of the membership consists of locally owned businesses. As an Illinois Main Street community, The Downtown Partnership is plugged into the Main Street philosophy – a community-driven, comprehensive methodology used to revitalize older, traditional business districts. For more information on Downtown Partnership visit or call 309.788.6311.

Hilltop Business Association
The businesses in the heart of the city – called Hilltop – serve the neighborhoods of Rock Island. The businesses band together to promote the area collectively, with events like a holiday walk and cooperative newspaper advertising. In addition, a sign at 18th Avenue and 38th Street promotes the businesses. The group meets about nine times a year to network and listen to speakers of interest. Call Bob Votroubek, president of the association,  at (309) 788-2330 for more information.

College Hill District

College Hill District is a growing, sustainable business community that was founded in 2011. The district is composed of two distinct nodes along 14th Avenue, bordering on the southern edge of the Augustana College campus. The varied collection of businesses are mostly locally owned and operated, and the area is humming from early morning to late at night. The retail mix is rich, personal services are copiously present, and the food and beverage establishments are local favorites. College Hill District is also known for its pedestrian-friendly atmosphere and quirky collage of mid-century buildings. For more information on the College Hill District, click here.

11/31 Business Association
Formed over 20 years ago, 11/31 Business Association continues to promote 11th Street as a place to shop, live, and invest. Eleventh Street’s diversity is reflected in the association’s membership as well. The association actively promotes its members’ businesses and services and supports the City’s efforts to attract new investment on 11th Street. For more information contact the association at P.O. Box 6231, Rock Island, IL 61204-6231.

Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce
The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce is an organization of businesses committed to creating a vibrant Quad Cities region economy. The Chamber’s primary purpose is to function as an agent of change to advocate and support economic growth by facilitating collaboration among the unique communities that make up the Quad Cities region. The Chamber’s membership range from the largest corporations in the region to the smallest entrepreneurial ventures. For more information on the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce visit or call 309.757.5416.